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HOW TO DRAW A SHARK. Are you interested in sharks? Let's learn how to draw one! You need a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and an eraser. Even the best artists make mistakes, so use the eraser whenever you make a mistake or want to fix a part of your drawing. First, start on the left side of the paper, towards the middle. Draw a sideways "V" pointing towards the left side of the paper. In the middle of the sideways "V" draw a dot for an eye. Draw a line above the eye if you want your shark to look mean. Next, draw a smaller sideways "V" under the first one. That will be the bottom jaw. Draw some teeth inside of the mouth! Then add a long curved line from the top of the head to the right side of the paper. This is the shark's back. Add an upside-down "V" in the middle of the curve to make a fin. For the tail, make a sideways "M" or "W" with the points facing the right side of the paper. Your shark is almost done! Add another curved line for the belly of the shark, from the bottom of the head to the tail. Next to the eyes and mouth, draw 3 curved lines going almost from the top of the shark to the bottom of the shark. These are the gills. Last, draw little "Vs" pointing down for the other fins. Great job drawing a shark!

1.What is the main topic of the 2nd paragraph? // 2.What does the word jaw mean in the 3rd paragraph? How do you know? // 3.Why do you need an eraser to draw the shark? Highlight the sentence that told you the answer. // 4.Were any of the directions confusing? Write your own directions to fix the confusing parts. // 5.Why did the author add drawings for you to look at, instead of just using words?