ESERCIZIO NUM: 1001 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > comprensione-intermediate - DIFFICOLTA': ***

DAVE AND GRANT LOVE KAYAKING. Dave and his friend Grant love to go kayaking in the summer. They each have their own kayak. Dave's kayak is yellow, and Grant's kayak is red. Whenever it is not raining, they kayak on the small lake in town. They look for fish, turtles and muskrats when they are kayaking. They also like to see ducks and loons. Sometimes they bring fishing poles with them so they can try to catch fish. Sometimes they just paddle around. They have the most fun when they race each other in their kayaks. They always pack a lunch. They have a favorite spot on the lake to stop and eat their sandwiches. After lunch, they paddle around the lake some more. Then they stop again to have some cookies. Even if they can't spend a full day kayaking, they will go out for at least an hour each day. They really love kayaking.

1.What color is Grant's kayak? // 2.What do Dave and Grant look for when they are kayaking? // 3.When do they have the most fun? // 4.What do Dave and Grant do after lunch?