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ANN AND FRANK. One day Ann and Frank went to the lake with their dog Rover. Rover can swim well, so Frank threw a stick into the water for him to fetch. "Jump, Rover! Jump in and get the stick," said Frank, and into the water Rover went with a big splash. Pretty soon he came out with the stick in his mouth. Rover did not like the game as much as Frank because the water was a little cold. They had fun for a while with Rover, and then set out for home because it was late in the day, and they could not stay long. On the way home, Rover saw a rabbit and away he went after it as fast as he could go. Ann and Frank ran too but could not keep up with Rover and the rabbit. When they got home, Rover was there, and Frank said, "Where is the rabbit, Rover?" Rover gave Frank a funny look and laid down on his mat."Oh I know," said Frank. "The rabbit ran so fast you could not catch it."

1.What did Rover fetch in the water? // 2.Why couldn't Rover catch the rabbit? // 3.What might have happened if Ann and Frank stayed later? // 4.How do you think Rover felt about not catching the rabbit?