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Leggi il seguente brano(liv.1a media) e poi indica se le affermazioni al fondo sono VERE o FALSE.

LETIZIA: Look. Here's a yummy blackberry pie recipe. MUM: Great. We've got a lot of blackberries in the garden. LETIZIA: What about the other ingredients? MUM: We've got some flour, some eggs and some sugar. LETIZIA: How much flour have we got? MUM: A lot. There's a new bag in the cupboard. LETIZIA: Good. How many eggs are there? MUM: Have a look in the fridge. LETIZIA: There aren't many eggs - only two. But two's enough. Have we got any butter? MUM: No, we haven't. Please go to the supermarket and get some! LETIZIA: How much is it? MUM: About £1.50. And get some milk, too. Here's £10. LETIZIA: OK. Can I invite my friends for tea and blackberry pie this afternoon? MUM: Yes, of course. LETIZIA: Thanks! Later... MUM: Boys, would you like a piece of Letizia's homemade blackberry pie? ALBERTO AND GIANNI: Yes, please, Mrs Murray. GIANNI: Mmm. You're a fantastic cook, Letizia! LETIZIA: Thanks Gianni.
1 There are some blackberries in the kitchen. 2 There's a bag of flour in the cupboard. 3 There are six eggs in the fridge. 4 The cost of the butter is about £1.50. 5 Letizia has got £10 to buy butter and milk. 6 Letizia isn't a very good cook.