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MY NEW SCOOTER. It was amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. The way it shone in the light kept drawing my eye back to it. My dad noticed."Sophie, you have a scooter already, a really nice one!" "I know, but look at this one! It's so shiny and new," I said."It is great, but we have to get going. Come on," said Dad. We left the store, with me taking one last glance back at the new scooter. I knew my scooter was nice, and it still worked even though I'd gotten it for my birthday 3 years ago. I just couldn't stop thinking of that new scooter! A few weeks later, Dad and I were back in the store. The scooter wasn't on display where it was before, but as we passed the toy section, I kept my eyes open for it. There it was, with a big sale sign on it! I couldn't help myself, I ran right over to it. Dad looked at the price. "I know you've been thinking about this scooter a lot, Sophie, and you haven't asked for much from me or mom lately. You've been helpful around the house, too. The sale price is pretty good, though it's still a lot of money. I can't just buy this for you, but what if I pay for part of it, then lend you the money for the rest of the scooter, and you promise to pay me back?" Dad asked."Would you really?" I said excitedly. "I promise I will pay you back, I will!" "Sure, let's get it," said Dad as he picked up the box. As we were walking toward the registers, Dad asked me if I knew what it meant to borrow money. "Yes, it means that I have to give it back to you," I answered. Dad responded, "You're right, but you can give it back to me a little at a time. Right now you get five dollars a week for your allowance. Instead of using it for a little treat, you could pay it back to me until you pay off your part of the scooter. It will take a couple of months for you to be done paying me back for it if you do that. Does that work for you?" "Sure, Dad! Thank you so much, I can't wait to use my new scooter! I will pay you back with my allowance until I return all the money I'm borrowing from you today. You're the best!"

1.Recount the story in your own words. // 2.How do you think Sophie will feel when she gives her dad her allowance each week? // 3.Sophie borrowed money for her new scooter. When are other times people might borrow money? // 4.What does"glance" mean in the 5th paragraph? How do you know? // 5.What do you think Sophie will do with her old scooter? Why?