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PEN PALS. We are learning how to write friendly letters at school. I don't mind writing practice letters, but it would be more fun to write a real letter to someone Just as I was thinking about it, our teacher, Mrs. Snow said that we really are going to write a letter to someone! We all started talking at once. Mrs. Snow asked us to quiet down again so that she could finish. She said we are going to write to second graders in England to see what life is like in England. That sounds so cool! I couldn't wait to get started. Mrs. Snow handed out the names of our pen pals, and asked us to use what we learned about friendly letters to write to our pen pal. My pen pal's name was Oliver. The only things Mrs. Snow said we had to include in our letter were two questions: 1.Which holidays do you celebrate during the year? 2. What do you like to play? We also had to answer those questions in our letters. She said we could add any other details about things we like to do, and what school is like here, if we wanted to. It took a few weeks, but the day we got letters back from our pen pals was an exciting one! Oliver plays video games like we do over here. Their holidays are a lot of the same holidays we celebrate, like April Fool's Day! Oliver told me about a prank he was going to play on his dad. One holiday they celebrate that I don't is Boxing Day. It was interesting to see what is the same and what is different about living in different countries. I can't wait to learn more about my new pen pal!

1.Who are the characters in the story? // 2.What were the two questions the students had to include in their letters? // 3.Why do you think it is important to talk to people who live differently than you? // 4.How else could the main character communicate with his pen pal? // 5.Who would you like to write a letter to? Why?