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Scegli la forma corretta degli AGGETTIVI elencati di seguito per riempire gli spazi nelle frasi.

1. That horror film was too ..... for me. I spent most of the time with my eyes closed! // 2. Janine! Don't sit around looking so ..... . Go and do something with your friends or at least watch something on the TV! // 3. My job is so ..... . I work 10 hours every day and then have to spend another hour or two doing paperwork for the next day. // 4. I entered the dark room and suddenly the lights came on and everyone was shouting "Happy Birthday!". I was so ..... . // 5. We played a funny practical joke on our physics teacher today but he wasn't ..... at all. He was actually really angry! // 6. Why are you laughing? If two big dogs attacked you, you would also be really ..... . // 7. The most ..... thing about Rosemary is that she won the lottery two years ago and never told anyone! // 8. OK, it's after midnight and I am feeling really ..... . Goodnight. // 9. I find all of Woody Allen's films very ..... . // 10. Kevin thinks he's a very ..... person but I always fall asleep when he starts to talk! // 11. I think baseball is a ..... game. I went to watch a game once and people just drank beer and ate burgers for four hours. No-one was watching the game. // 12. Are you ..... with your meal, sir? Is there anything else I can get for you? // 13. Mark? Are you ..... in what I have to say to you or do you want to continue to look out of the window? // 14. I think being a nurse must be a very ..... job. Looking after people must make you feel good about yourself.