ESERCIZIO NUM: 975 - CATEGORIA: vocaboli > misti aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Scegli un aggettivo fra quelli proposti per descrivere la situazione in ogni frase. SURPRISING, TIRED, BORING, DISGUSTING, TERRIFIED, INTERESTING.

1. Carol thought she saw a ghost. Her hands were shaking. // 2. The documentary last night was great. I learned so much about African animals! // 3. John fell asleep at the back of the class. His teacher's voice was dull and made John very tired. // 4. It's a miracle. I expected to lose my job today but they gave me a promotion! // 5. The cat opened one eye and then fell asleep again under the table. // 6. Lindsay took the pizza out of the fridge. It was old and the cheese on top was green!