ESERCIZIO NUM: 973 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > some-any many-much few-little - DIFFICOLTA': ***

QUANTIFIERS: abbina le risposte alle domande.

RISPOSTE: A. There aren't any. // B. Yes, we have a lot. // C. I don't have much, but it's enough. // D. Yes, a few. // E. No, none. // F. There isn't any. // G. No, not too many. // H. Just a little.
DOMANDE: 1. Do we have any eggs in the fridge? // 2. How much water do we have left? // 3. How many chairs do you have in your house? // 4. Are there a lot of pages in that book? // 5. Is there gas in the car? // 6. We have enough beer for the party, don't we? // 7. Do you have enough milk for the cake? // 8. How much butter is there on the table?