ESERCIZIO NUM: 969 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Per ogni spazio, scrivi un ARTICOLO indeterminativo. A volte, non è richiesto: in questi casi scrivi una X:

1. Give me ... onion from the fridge. I need it for this recipe. // 2. Doug went to ... university in Canada; I can't remember the name. // 3. I bought an external hard drive for Leanne at Christmas. And she got me ... MP3 player! // 4. If you go to ... bed one hour earlier every night, you'll feel much better. // 5. He's been playing computer games in his bedroom for .. hour! // 6. It was raining so I took my rain boots - and .. umbrella. // 7. We visited my aunt Matilda last year. She was staying in .. new hospital in Boston. // 8. Under the final box, we found ... US flag. It was very old.