ESERCIZIO NUM: 965 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Guarda le seguenti frasi che hanno esempi di articoli definiti e indefiniti. Queste frasi sono possibili? Scrivi T (per corretto=true) o F (per errato=false).

1. Children in Italy go to school when they are 6. // 2. I want to go to the university in California. // 3. Sheila works in the same factory as you do. Do you know her? // 4. Can you take me to the airport tomorrow morning at 7am? // 5. Why do you always have the breakfast so late? // 6. Mike is in the prison. He robbed a bank two years ago. // 7. I'm going to the bed. I'm so tired. // 8. My daughter Jane goes to the school which is opposite the athletics stadium. Do you know the one? // 9. The virus outbreak means the hospital will be closed for two days. // 10. The elephants eat grass and live in India and Africa. // 11. The music in that disco was terrible, don't you think? // 12. Do you like the classical music or do you prefer the rock? // 13. When my aunt was in hospital, I visited her every day.