ESERCIZIO NUM: 948 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Per ogni spazio, scrivi una PREPOSIZIONE. A volte, non è richiesta la preposizione: in questi casi scrivi una X (02):

1. This weekend was a disaster ..... Tom. // 2. On Saturday, he met .... a friend in the city centre to have a coffee. // 3. Tom ordered an espresso and his friend asked ... a cappuccino. // 4. They talked .... what they wanted to do on Saturday evening // 5. Tom said .... his friend that he wanted to go out. // 6. He wanted to go to a new disco called the Pink Flamingo and Tom's friend Phil agreed .... him. // 7. Phil told Tom that he would call two girls he knew to invite them too, paid for the coffees and they left .... the bar together. // 8. So, ... 9pm Tom went to the disco and waited. // 9. After half an hour, he was worried .... his friends. // 10. Lots of people arrived .... the new disco - but not his friend Phil or the girls he knew. So Tom took out his mobile phone and wrote a message to Phil. // 11. "Where are you? I am waiting .... you!" // 12. "I am in front ... the disco." he wrote. // 13. After two minutes, Phil replied to Tom: "We are opposite .... the disco, but we can't see you." // 14. Tom wrote back: "OK, we will find each other .... a few minutes. Do you think the disco looks nice?" // 15. "Yes," replied Phil, "but isn't 'The Pink Peacock' a strange name ... a disco."