ESERCIZIO NUM: 947 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Per ogni spazio, scrivi una PREPOSIZIONE. A volte, non è richiesta la preposizione: in questi casi scrivi una X (01):

1. I work ... a company that makes ice cream machines and sells them in Europe. // 2. Your aunt is always complaining that you never write to her. Just a quick letter will make her feel .... very happy. // 3. Nobody expected her to fall ..... love with the new boss! Now they are getting married! // 4. I want you to look very carefully ..... this picture. What do you think about when you see it? // 5. She married .... a millionaire. // 6. Now she works ..... his accountant. // 7. I arrived in New York ..... 7 o'clock. // 8. I stayed in the airport .... two hours before the next flight. // 9. I want to play tennis tomorrow with my sister but it depends .... the weather. They said it's going to rain all day. // 10. If you lend money .... Jon, be careful. Sometimes he forgets everything. // 11. Opposite .... the station, you will find a restaurant. // 12. Here, you can eat very well and you don't pay .... your drinks.