ESERCIZIO NUM: 935 - CATEGORIA: comprensione > conditional - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Leggi la seguente intervista tra Mr. Jones e un ispettore di polizia. Per ogni numero tra parentesi, indica la domanda migliore che devi chiedere per tali informazioni.

INTERVISTA: Policeman: OK, Mr. Jones. Now just tell us what happened last night and what you were doing between 7 o'clock and 10 o'clock. Mr. Jones: Well, at 7 o'clock I was (1) and I was watching a film called 'Last Chance in Bandit County'. I was sitting next to (2) who was wearing a yellow dress. Just after the film started, she (3) so I'm sure she will remember me. The film finished at about 7.30pm and I left the cinema (4) later. Policeman: Why? Mr. Jones: Because I was seeing what films were on for next week. Anyway, when I got outside into the street, it (5) and so I decided to go to a bar. As I was walking to the bar a friend telephoned me on my mobile phone so I stood in a shop doorway to speak to him for a short time. Policeman: What shop was it? Mr. Jones: Oh. I think it was a (6) shop. It was called Travers or Trovers or something. I went into the bar at about ten to eight. As I walked in, there were only 2 customers there and they were (7). The barman was watching television also! I ordered a pint of beer and sat down near (8). Policeman: So will these three people remember you being there? Mr. Jones: Oh yes. As I was drinking my beer, the barman was talking to me about the weather and the football match on Saturday. I left the pub at (9) and went to find my car. When I arrived at my car, there were 2 teenagers leaning on my car talking so I shouted at them to get off. They'll remember me!! I drove home while listening to the radio and got home at about (10). Policeman: Who did you see at home? Mr. Jones: When I arrived home, my wife was cooking dinner and my two sons were (11) in the living room. We all ate dinner together and that finished at about 10 o'clock. Now I really must telephone my lawyer.
DOMANDE: 1. - Where were you at 7 o'clock? - Where did you stay at 7 o'clock? // 2. - Who was you sitting next to? - Who were you sitting next to? // 3. - What she did? - What did she do? - What did she did? // 4. - What hour did you leave the cinema? - Which time you left the cinema? - What time did you leave the cinema? // 5. - What was the weather like? - What was the weather? - How the weather was? // 6. - What type of shop it was? - What type of shop was it? // 7. - What did the customers were doing? - What the customers were doing? - What were the customers doing? // 8. - Where did you sit? - Where were you sit? // 9. - What hour did you leave the pub? - What time you left the pub? - What time did you leave the pub? // 10. - What time did you get home? - What time you did get home? // 11. - What your sons were doing? - What were your sons doing? - What did your sons doing?