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Riscrivi le frasi mettendo maiuscole e minuscole al posto giusto(02):

1. my grandpa visits mexico in may. 2. stephanie purchased a pepsi when she was in new york city. 3. we read “green eggs and ham” by dr. seuss last april. 4. my mom loves the song “twist and shout.” 5. my friend travels to north dakota every summer to listen to beyoncé. 6. for christmas, we always sing “jingle bells” sung by mariah carey. 7. the country of brazil is hosting a valentine’s day festival in february. 8. on friday, president ford will be honored in washington, d. c. 1. Every easter we visit my brother in south Dakota. 2. My uncle lives South of New york. He loves the Winter olympics. 3. Catherine loves christmas. She heads West to celebrate with family every winter. 4. My favorite region is the south. We head south for vacation every Spring. 5. My favorite season is Summer. I love all of the independence day parties. 6. My friends are driving East to visit north Carolina. They do it each Fall. 7. We always eat chocolate on halloween. 8. I got a card for valentine’s day.