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Riscrivi le frasi mettendo maiuscole e minuscole al posto giusto(01):

1. On hanukkah, we see my grandma in north carolina. 2. My sister loves the summer Olympics. 3. Catherine dislikes Halloween. She dreads it in the Fall every year. 4. My favorite region is the north. We head North to ski in the Winter. 5. My favorite season is Spring. I love easter. 6. Steve and Janet are driving West to see south dakota. They will be there for christmas. 7. In summer, we drive to florida to celebrate independence day. 8. In Winter, we celebrate Groundhog day. 1. we bought my sister nike sandals from canada. 2. the city of chicago is hosting a christmas festival in december. 3. i learned about president lincoln in a book called “born to lead”. 4. my favorite singer, katy perry, will sing “firework” this saturday. 5. my family visits california to hear the band, maroon 5, in october. 6. in jamaica, we drank a lot of gatorade because it was hot there in july. 7. for thanksgiving, we visit my grandpa in new mexico. 8. in january, mayor henderson will be giving away a new toyota camry.