ESERCIZIO NUM: 909 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Riempi gli spazi sottostanti usando JUST, YET oppure ALREADY.

1. Don't come in here with those muddy shoes! I have .... cleaned this floor! // 2. Have you finished that composition for History class .... ? You only started an hour ago! // 3. I don't want to see "Alien 9" at the cinema again. I've .... seen it twice. // 4. I'm sorry. You have ..... missed Katie. She left the office about three minutes ago! // 5. Haven't you finished that composition for history class ...... ? You started over four hours ago! // 6. Oh, nothing for me, thank you. I've .... eaten. I had dinner less than an hour ago. // 7. You've finished your dinner .... ! You must have been starving! // 8. "Have you called Yasmin to wish her luck for the exam today?" "No, not .... . I'll do it now!" // 9. Kathy knows all about pizza and pasta, don't you Kathy? You've .... returned from a month in Umbria. // 10. Yes, I know David. We have .... been introduced. It was at a party last week.