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Queste frasi usano JUST, YET o ALREADY. Sono corrette o no?

1. I haven't been to the new shopping mall yet, but I want to go soon. // 2. I've just been to Moscow, in 1998. I don't want to go again. Let's go to St. Petersburg! // 3. Stop shouting at me! I've already done all my homework, now I want to watch some TV. // 4. "Have you cleaned your teeth yet?" "Yes, mom, I did it while you were chatting on the phone." // 5. Are you going on vacation again? Haven't you just got back from the Caribbean? // 6. Cynthia has got already a smartphone. Let's get her something else. // 7. "Can you phone your father? He's worried sick about you." "I just did." // 8. "Already seen, already seen, already seen! I've seen all of these movies. Oh, this one, I haven't seen yet."