ESERCIZIO NUM: 903 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > for-since present-perfect - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Guarda queste frasi al present perfect. FOR e SINCE vengono utilizzati correttamente o no?

1. They have been going out together for last February. // 2. According to this label, the document hasn't been updated since two years. // 3. Since the summer, the town's population has grown by nearly a quarter. // 4. Due to the accident, the street has been closed since just after nine o'clock. // 5. The oldest newspaper in town, The Sentinel, has been published continuously since 120 years ago. // 6. I've been on a diet since such a long time, it's so depressing! // 7. The whole family spent August in Chicago. They've done that every year for ages. // 8. For the longest time, I've wanted to do that and now I have!