ESERCIZIO NUM: 89 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > maiuscole - DIFFICOLTA': **

Riscrivi le frasi mettendo la lettera maiuscola dove occorre(01):

1. James collects pokémon cards. 2. The movie iron man has a lot of action. 3. They made movies and books of spongebob squarepants. 4. The lego movie was very funny. 5. Did you finish reading diary of a wimpy kid? 6. Paul only eats kraft macaroni and cheese for dinner. 7. If you want to laugh, watch america’s funniest home videos. 8. I remember playing with tonka trucks when I was younger. 1. Did you know italy is shaped like a boot? 2. Many countries like australia, japan and madagascar are islands. 3. It is not easy to climb mount everest. 4. The great lakes are big areas of fresh water. 5. scandinavia is a group of countries that include sweden, norway and denmark. 6. In the middle of new york city is central park. 7. In france, you can visit paris. 8. The london bridge is in the united kingdom.