ESERCIZIO NUM: 835 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Guarda queste frasi al present continuous. In alcune frasi, il participio presente è scritto in modo errato. In altre frasi, un'altra parola è scritta male. Trova le parole errate e scrivi la parola CORRETTA.

1. Are you still reading the computer magazzine, Jeremy? // 2. I can't speak to you now. Martha is cooking spagetti in the kitchen and dinner is nearly ready. // 3. If you are speaking to the pilot, who is flying the plain? // 4. Why is that sweater moveing? There's a dog under it! // 5. Hi, Bill. What are you doing now? Are you still writeing that report? // 6. What is the woman saying on TV. I can't here her. // 7. Is your mother still geting those bad headaches? // 8. My secretary is typeing the letter very quickly