ESERCIZIO NUM: 806 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi superlativi aggettivi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa le frasi con gli aggettivi suggeriti al COMPARATIVO o al SUPERLATIVO(01).

1. We stayed at the .... hotel in the town. (cheap) //2. Our hotel was .... than all the others in the town. (cheap) //3. The United States of America is large but Canada is .... . (large) //4. What's .... canal in the world? (long) //5. He looked a bit sad yesterday but he looks .... today. (happy) //6. It was a terrible journey. It was ..... journey of my life. (bad) //7. Ali, can you tell me what ..... sport in your country is? (popular) //8. Everest is .... mountain in the world. (high) //9. We had a great holiday. It was one of .... holidays we've ever had. (enjoyable) //10. I prefer this bed to the other one. It's .... . (comfortable) //11. What's .... way of getting from here to the station? (quick) //12. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy have got four daughters ..... is 14. (old)