ESERCIZIO NUM: 785 - CATEGORIA: verbi > past-simple - DIFFICOLTA': ****
CLICCA QUI per aprire un TUTORIAL sui VERBI prima di svolgere l'esercizio

Tutte queste frasi contengono esempi di verbi irregolari al PAST SIMPLE. Le frasi sono corrette o no(02)?

1. The two boys runned fast and they escaped from the dog. // 2. When the police found the missing child, the town celebrated. // 3. My grandfather grow many types of vegetable in the garden when he was a boy. // 4. The two girls ignored the warning sign on the beach and swum in the sea. // 5. I watched that movie last night, the one with Brad Pitt. Then I realized that last year, I saw it at the cinema with Jack. // 6. Ben and his brother put the tent in the garden, but it was very cold and they sleeped very badly. // 7. If you understood the question, why didn't you write the answer? // 8. I leaved the house on time, but the bus was very late.