ESERCIZIO NUM: 68 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Sostituisci tutti i nomi in STAMPATELLO con il corretto pronome personale nelle seguenti frasi:

1) PAT AND RITA climb up the stairs. 2) THE DOG barks loudly. 3) FRANNY gave THE CAT its toy. 4) GRANDMA reads THE CHILDREN a story. 5) MARK plays with HIS CARS. 6) Put YOUR BOOKS on the table. 7) LORNA wears her hat in winter. 1) MARY runs fast. 2) UNCLE JOE ate all his pie. 3) MARTY gave GINA her doll. 4) PHIL talks to BOB everyday. 5) FLOWERS need sun and water. 6) JOHN waters THE FLOWERS everyday. 7) MY MOTHER loves me. 1) MY PARENTS are taking us out for dinner. 2) JULIE understands THE TEACHER. 3) THE TEACHER reads THE CHILDREN a book. 4) DAD parked THE CAR in the driveway. 5) MEL AND I are going to the park. 6) THE CAT likes milk. 7) I gave MY PARENTS a card.