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Scegli l'ARTICOLO corretto per ogni frase e spiega perchè hai scelto quello(05):

1 Norman is (a/-) skinny. / 2 I got (the/a) plastic bag from the supermarket. The bag broke on the way home. / 3 I went to see a movie with Alice. (A/The) movie was pretty good. / 4 I found (a/the) cockroach in my shoe! / 5 I need to go to (the/an) airport tomorrow afternoon. / 6 Who is (an/the) oldest person in your family? / 7 Can I borrow (the/a) dollar? / 8 Did you enjoy (the/an) ice cream that I bought you? / 9 Can you look in (the/a) fridge and see if we have any milk? / 10 I had (the/a) wonderful day.