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Scegli l'ARTICOLO corretto per ogni frase e spiega perchè hai scelto quello(03):

1 Italy is (the/a) beautiful country. / 2 Lawrence is (a/the) good student. / 3 That chair is (the/-) most comfortable spot in our house. / 4 I saw (some/a) cats in our garden yesterday. / 5 I went to the shop and bought (a/some) bananas. / 6 Mary had a little lamb. Everywhere that Mary went, (the/a) lamb was sure to go. / 7 One day, I hope I can visit (a/the) moon. / 8 Celery is (the/a) healthy vegetable. / 9 Red is (a/the) color of danger. / 10 George is (the/a) very rich man.