ESERCIZIO NUM: 64 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > pronomi-personali - DIFFICOLTA': **

Sostituisci i soggetti in STAMPATELLO delle seguenti frasi con il pronome personale corretto:

1) ARDEN AND I go to the movies. a. I b. We c. He d. They 2) YOU AND I like cookies. a. We b. You c. They d. Us 3) YOU AND MICHAEL prefer cake to pie. a. We b. You c. They d. Me 4) I gave YOU AND LOLA the answer. a. her b. him c. them d. you 5) The teacher told YOU AND ME what to do. a. us b. you c. them d. her 6) DAD reads the paper at night. a. Me b. You c. He d. It 7) MICHAEL finishes his homework. a. I b. He c. We d. They 8) MELANIE AND SARAH share a bedroom. a. I b. He c. We d. They 9) The children play with THE KITTENS. a. me b. them c. you d. her 10) HENS lay eggs. a. They b. You c. He d. She 11) CHARLES puts the books on the table. a. It b. Me c. Us d. He 12) THE CHILDREN are making a snowman. a. Me b. We c. They d. You 13) MOM put the pie on the table. a. Me b. She c. You d. Them 14) MONIQUE sings beautifully. a. She b. He c. We d. They 15) JAMES has two cats. a. They b. Them c. We d. He