ESERCIZIO NUM: 619 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > maiuscole - DIFFICOLTA': ***

C'è una parola con la maiuscola sbagliata in ogni frase. Trovala e scrivila.

1 We can go and visit you in the Autumn, possibly September but definitely before Christmas. // 2 Go and see dr. Cyril Rogers. He's our doctor and the best doctor in the city. // 3 My brother goes to University in a small town in Scotland. Near Glasgow, I think. // 4 When I finish this novel called simplicity you can read it. // 5 The picnic was very big. Apples, Bananas and a big chicken. // 6 I work for Apple in the iPhone department. My boss is swedish and it's very interesting. // 7 Is that your mercedes in the car park? I have a small Japanese car. I can't remember its name. // 8 My sister studies history at college and wants to work in a museum.