ESERCIZIO NUM: 618 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > maiuscole - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Le seguenti frasi sono corrette? Guarda come sono state usate le lettere maiuscole. Se ritieni che la frase sia corretta, scegli True. Se pensi che ci sia un errore, scegli False.

1. We traveled North until we reached New York. That was on Saturday. // 2. We stayed in a hotel across from the National Museum. // 3. Last Spring, Professor Michaels resigned from Stamford University. // 4. I finally saw the film Titanic in July and I thought it was terrible. We went to The Regent Movie House. // 5. Trevor and Jenny met us in birmingham and we had a great time together. // 6. Summer is always very hot in the Middle East and even in winter, the temperatures are still very warm. // 7. We spent three days in Paris but then We left france and went south. // 8. I wanted to buy a sony DVD player but Mr. Fredericks never paid me for the work I did for him so I couldn't. // 9. My mother usually reads The Times but after Christmas, she started reading The Washington Post.