ESERCIZIO NUM: 578 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > genitivo-sassone - DIFFICOLTA': ***

In ognuna di queste frasi, c'è un esempio del genitivo sassone. È stato usato correttamente o no? Scrivi Y (yes) o N (no).

1 John's mother is the head of the local computer company. -- 2 All her sons go to the local boy's school. -- 3 She has two daughter's and they are both at university. -- 4 Computer's John is very old and he wants to buy a new one. -- 5 My cats' names are Toby and Jess. -- 6 The woman who clean's the office is Judy. -- 7 I want to replace the car's wheel. It is broken. -- 8 It is the peoples' right to protest. -- 9 Now I have four day's holiday. I am so happy. -- 10 That is not my watch. It's John's mother's.