ESERCIZIO NUM: 563 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

THAN o THEN? scegli l'alternativa corretta e completa le seguenti frasi (03):

We’re stopping in New York for the day, _____ flying home to Chicago. -- Sam ate more cookies ______ Sarah. -- When is it better to give _____ to receive? -- First I misplaced my house keys, _____ I forgot to buy milk. It’s been a bad day. -- Ted would rather ride a horse _____ a camel. -- If Andy had his way he’d want to play first and ______ do his homework. -- I have to go grocery shopping and _____ I can cook dinner. -- This painting is more colorful _____ the other. -- If dad doesn’t want to go to the party, _____ he should stay at home. -- For your homework, you should start with your math, _____ work on your science project. -- It was colder today _____ we thought it would be. -- I like hamburgers more _____ I like pizza. -- If you can’t find your library book, _____ you’ll have to pay a fine. -- Studying is more important _____ you think.