ESERCIZIO NUM: 562 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > comparativi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

THAN o THEN? scegli l'alternativa corretta e completa le seguenti frasi (02):

She’s been at this school longer _____ I have. -- I’ll drop by later; see you _____! -- Make your bed, _____ you can go out to play. -- Skating is more fun _____ rollerblading. -- I rather ride in the car _____ ride by bike. -- Walk to my office, _____ I’ll drive you home. -- If you eat the entire chocolate bar today, _____ you won’t have any left for tomorrow. -- Are you faster _____ the rest of the players on your team? -- I will brush my teeth and _____ I’ll take a shower. -- Do you think she is smarter _____ you? -- The defence passed the ball to the midfielder who ______ dribbled it up the field. -- We ordered a take-out and _____ we watched a movie. -- Eat your cookies, ______ drink your milk. -- Is my cousin older ______ I am?