ESERCIZIO NUM: 530 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi qui sotto con una delle tre opzioni proposte(04):

1. My favourite books are by... a) they. b) Dostoyevsky. c) Rob. d) Dostoyevsky’s nan. -- 2. Can you change the... a) stars? b) light? c) cupboard? d) channel? -- 3. Do you know what vowels... a) is? b) are? c) were? d) be? -- 4. Who wants another... a) piece of cake? b) exam? c) sprouts? d) meetings? -- 5. Debbie came last in the... a) marathone. b) competitor. c) runner. d) race. -- 6. Let me see that toy... a) list. b) catalogue. c) free marketing. d) book. -- 7. There’s a hole in my garage...a) doors. b) toolbox. c) roof. d) car. -- 8. Mushrooms don’t agree with...a) you. b) me. c) our. d) hers. -- 9. I never want to see him... a) later. b) at once. c) tomorrow. d) again. -- 10. Sport is the main thing in... a) my garden. b) my home. c) my house. d) my life. -- 11. They won’t get back... a) in a minute. b) in time. c) in the garden. d) to bus. -- 12. The cows seemed really... a) happiness. b) quietly. c) peace. d) contented. -- 13. I’m not good at... a) DIY. b) tool. c) handyman. d) decorated. -- 14. Dictionaries can be... a) allow. b) borrowed. c) take. d) taking. -- 15. Jane Austen is a famous... a) pianist. b) cathedral. c) author. d) post office. -- 16. Where did I leave my... a) hug? b) hope? c) hip? d) hat? -- 17. It’s so hot... a) yesterday. b) today. c) tomorrow. d) later. -- 18. Our baby was born... a) in 1066. b) in hospital. c) in a minute. d) in British. -- 19. Internet dating is a waste... a) of ink. b) of milk. c) of time. d) of paper. -- 20. No, there’s no chocolate... a) at. b) then. c) left. d) right.