ESERCIZIO NUM: 529 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi qui sotto con una delle tre opzioni proposte(03):

1. This question is... a) easiest. b) try. c) unusual. d) easy. -- 2. The paper is published... a) yesterday. b) every day. c) usually. d) on time. -- 3. We had a great trip to... a) mountains. b) the seaside. c) shopping. d) Italian. -- 4. There is a pound in my ... a) sock. b) wallet. c) basket. d) bowl. -- 5. The first thing I did was... a) find. b) tell. c) look for. d) sit down. -- 6. Lee can speak six... a) languages. b) tongues. c) songs. d) chatting. -- 7. I couldn’t get to the... a) parents. b) lecture. c) ice cream. d) travelled. -- 8. The train station was... a) here. b) opened. c) closed. d) fine. -- 9. My dad’s got a Scottish... a) elbow. b) plate. c) printer. d) accent. -- 10. Do you like model... a) trains? b) train? c) trained? d) village? -- 11. This is my... a) person. b) auntie. c) glasses. d) best friends. -- 12. The dentist wanted forty... a) pounds. b) teeth. c) appointments. d) pence. -- 13. What a great bonfire... a) merrymaking. b) jollification. c) party. d) time. -- 14. Terrence has got a new... a) job. b) Job. c) jog. d) JOB. -- 15. Nobody likes washing... a) down. b) left. c) up. d) right. -- 16. The USA is very far... a) around. b) away. c) towards. d) about. -- 17. The penguin fell over... a) in the car park. b) on the ice. c) at home. d) indeed. -- 18. The word ‘failure’ is not in... a) the way. b) my vocabulary. c) a car. d) the dictionary. -- 19. Caroline loves... a) Keith. b) Keith’s. c) comedy film. d) picking grape. -- 20. I don’t want this worksheet...a) to go. b) to begin. c) to print. d) to end.