ESERCIZIO NUM: 528 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi qui sotto con una delle tre opzioni proposte(02):

1. Did you have to bring... a) butter? b) Joan’s. c) Joe’s brother? d) a pilot? -- 2. Have you seen my... a) patience? b) phone? c) phone call? d) faith? -- 3. When will you learn to... a) drives? b) driver? c) drive? d) drove? -- 4. At eight o’clock there’ll be... a) a concert. b) a county. c) a council. d) a compost. -- 5. I couldn’t get through to... a) hers. b) him. c) myself. d) their. -- 6. Annabel loves... a) to sunbathing. b) sun. c) sunbathe. d) sunbathing. -- 7. I’ve never been to... a) my house. b) Devon. c) upstairs. d) to the shop. -- 8. We’ve just made fresh... a) cornflakes. b) sandwich. c) jam. d) eggs. -- 9. It’s lonely without... a) Bruce. b) he. c) my friend’s. d) his magazine. -- 10. I never have enough... a) thyme. b) time. c) times. d) timing. -- 11. Pass me the... a) window. b) television. c) ketchup. d) floor. -- 12. It’s good to... a) cork. b) walking. c) fork. d) talk. -- 13. What a mess! What... a) happen? b) happened? c) you do? d) you doing? -- 14. Tim is ready to... a) get gone. b) goes out. c) leave. d) get out. -- 15. The rain is good for our... a) house. b) flat. c) roof. d) garden. -- 16. Above all, don’t be... a) late. b) friendly. c) nice. d) acceptable. -- 17. Her car was bright... a) colour. b) red. c) oranges. d) showing. -- 18. Justin is a lifeguard at... a) in the pool. b) the pools. c) the pool. d) pool. -- 19. I never remember her... a) holiday. b) birthday. c) birthdays. d) break. -- 20. Because of you, I have to... a) come up with. b) relax. c) order my pizza. d) tidy up.