ESERCIZIO NUM: 527 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Completa le frasi qui sotto con una delle tre opzioni proposte(01):

We live in a pleasant... a) houses. b) book. c) town. d) restaurant. -- 2. It’s half past... a) second. b) twenty. c) five. d) half. -- 3. The best singer was... a) win. b) singer. c) robot. d) Robert. -- 4. The cruise will last... a) one hour. b) one second. c) one minute. d) once. -- 5. Oliver never... a) lie. b) lies. c) lying. d) tells lie. -- 6. Please remember to... a) washes. b) washing. c) wash your hands. d) washed. -- 7. I didn’t do my... a) home-work. b) homework. c) works. d) school. -- 8. This computer is too... a) new. b) high. c) deep. d) old. -- 9. Gerald had a spot on his... a) medicine. b) hands. c) knows. d) neck. -- 10. It’s a long way from... a) the map. b) their. c) here. d) our. -- 11. There’s something wrong... a) with her new. b) with. c) with my car. d) with its. -- 12. I never... a) complain. b) come in. c) get into. d) get up. -- 13. What a lovely... a) surprised. b) surprising. c) surprise. d) surprised. -- 14. Only a few people have... a) get in. b) been there. c) visit. d) chose this one. -- 15. I love this... a) watching. b) films. c) actors. d) programme. -- 16. Jan met her partner in... a) Plymouth. b) a Plymouth. c) Plymouth’s. d) went. -- 17. We cannot smoke... a) in. b) outside. c) in the building. d) out. -- 18. Orange juice is a healthy... a) day. b) choices. c) optional. d) drink. -- 19. My toy car doesn’t... a) working. b) work. c) works. d) play. -- 20. The Channel Tunnel is... a) nearly. b) cleaned. c) over there. d) free.