ESERCIZIO NUM: 516 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa gli spazi in ogni domanda con A, AN, THE, AND(02):

1. I went to a)____ swimming pool yesterday. b)____ little boy fell over and had to have c)____ treatment on his leg. d)____ assistant said that he would be OK. 2. - I can meet you tomorrow. - Have you got a)____ time? -Yes. I’ve got b)____ appointment with c)____ builder at eleven, but I can change d)____ time. 3. - Don’t be late for a)____ work, or b)____ manager will be angry with you. - OK, I will use c)____ alarm clock and also ask d)____ friend to give me a wake-up call at six o’clock. 4. - I bought a)____ blue guitar on Wednesday. - The one I saw? Super! Can you play it? - No, but I’m having b)____ few lessons with c)____ old guy called d)____ Barry.