ESERCIZIO NUM: 515 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > articoli - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Completa gli spazi in ogni domanda con A, AN, THE, AND(01):

1. Do you like a)____ Copenhagen? - Yes, I do. b)____ first time I came here I stayed in c)____ tiny guest house. The owner had d)____ enormous dog! 2. I read a)____ good book last week. b)____ book was by Alfredo Montessauri. He is c)____ Italian writer. I got a lot of d)___pleasure from it. 3. a)____ Sarah works at b)____ bank. c)____ bank is forty miles from her home. She has d)____ eighty-minute commute each way. 4. I really love a)____ fish, and b)____ fish in this restaurant is superb. I’m looking forward to eating c)____ big juicy fish in d)____ hour from now!