ESERCIZIO NUM: 508 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi singolare-plurale - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Correggi l'errore in ogni domanda e scrivi i sostantivi plurali irregolari correttamente(01):

1. Which Mediterranean beachs are the cleanest? -- 2. Do you like tomatos? -- 3. How much do child’s shoes cost? -- 4. How many lifes does a cat have? -- 5. Which three citys are the largest in the world? -- 6. What percentage of familys have three kids? -- 7. What are the best partys you have ever been to? -- 8. How many kiss’s should we write in a formal letter? -- 9. What is the best way to keep flys out of the house? -- 10. How much would it cost to buy four loafs of bread?