ESERCIZIO NUM: 494 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > maiuscole punteggiatura - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Scrivi le frasi e aggiungi lettere maiuscole, punti fermi e punti interrogativi, ove necessario(01):

1. i went to the dentist on 4th june i met mr brown in the waiting room -- 2. our book group meets at the corner coffee shop every monday -- 3. i’ve just got back from a trip to the grand canyon -- 4. are tania’s parents coming over from canada next tuesday -- 5. charles turner lives at 148 greengrass road, milton, mh1 4tp -- 6. my kids have recorded two disney films they will watch them tomorrow -- 7. we can’t wait for britain’s got talent on itv on saturday night -- 8. did the president of marks & spencer resign from the company -- 9. alicia is trying to see mercury through her telescope she loves astronomy -- 10. steven sears is the new ceo at matlock water in derbyshire