ESERCIZIO NUM: 490 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Riorganizza le parole in ogni riga per creare una frase con ordine Subject Verb Object Place Time(01):

1. to Florida we our flights have booked this morning -- 2. two coffees every day at 8.30am he at his desk has -- 3. to the station took on Saturday evening we a taxi -- 4. charity cards I once a year in the shopping centre sell -- 5. my hair will cut in the salon in a minute Joe -- 6. in class Stephanie a lot of questions every day asks -- 7. a handbag a thief this week has stolen from my mother’s car -- 8. a few minutes ago their bags up the stairs carried my friends -- 9. in the sink the girls their hair twice a week wash -- 10. ’re going to play at 2pm on the playing field we hockey