ESERCIZIO NUM: 489 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Riorganizza le parole in ogni riga per creare una frase con ordine Subject Verb Object Place Time(02):

1. raised in class Lenny on Monday his hand -- 2. in the living room my book I every day read -- 3. now ’m watching on my computer I a good film -- 4. buys Katy every week some grapes at the greengrocer’s -- 5. today his paper ’s presented at the university he -- 6. is wearing at the moment she on her right arm her watch -- 7. all the walls this week in our bedroom have painted we -- 8. her breakfast every morning Penny in front of the telly eats -- 9. later we outside the fish and chip shop will meet you -- 10. at the school concert the boys yesterday some beautiful carols sang