ESERCIZIO NUM: 47 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > nomi maiuscole - DIFFICOLTA': **

Metti le lettere maiuscole ai nomi propri nelle seguenti frasi:

1) pat the cat laps the milk. 2) mrs. brown tells her students to sit down. 3) noah asks his mom for a snack. 4) father maxwell reads the story pinocchio to the class. 5) smurfs are little blue people. 1) lea pets her cat max. 2) mr. leonard visits the museum in ottawa. 3) tommy eats a cortland apple. 4) mel looks at the statue of liberty. 5) john goes to madison public school. 1. boston has the red sox baseball team. 2. new york has the yankees and the mets. 3. toronto has the blue jays. 4. chicago has the cubs. 5. max prefers the atlanta braves.