ESERCIZIO NUM: 458 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Good Advice: abbina le domande (identificate dai numeri) ai consigli (identificati dalle lettere)(03):

DOMANDE: 1. Do you like looking good? 2. Do you like jam? 3. Are you dirty? 4. Have you got long hair? 5. Do you always wake up late? 6. Do you hate your job? 7. Is your house too big? 8. Do you like drinking fresh milk? 9. Do you enjoy swimming? 10. Do you like penguins? 11. Are you too hot? 12. Are you too cold? 13. Do you like long canals? 14. Do you like sand dunes? 15. Do you like birthday cake? 16. Do you like getting wet? 17. Do you need a new carpet? 18. Do you like playing tennis? 19. Do you have big feet? 20. Is your mobile phone rubbish?
CONSIGLI: a) Take off your jumper! b) Go to Panama! c) Move to a smaller one! d) Buy a cow! e) Buy a better one! f) Make yourself a jam sandwich! g) Go to the Sahara Desert! h) Why not get it cut? i) Go to a birthday party! j) Go to a carpet shop! k) Join a tennis club! l) Buy some big shoes! m) Buy an alarm clock! n) Become a model. o) Go to the South Pole! p) Put a warm coat on! q) Go on a boat trip and jump in! r) Have a bath! s) Apply for a different one! t) Throw away your umbrella!