ESERCIZIO NUM: 457 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Good Advice: abbina le domande (identificate dai numeri) ai consigli (identificati dalle lettere)(02):

DOMANDE: 1. Do you like meeting people? 2. Do you like cars? 3. Are you very shy? 4. Are you looking for romance? 5. Are you lucky in love? 6. Do you want to be poor? 7. Do you like pop music? 8. Do you like watching films? 9. Do you need help with maths? 10. Have you got long hair? 11. Have you got cold hands? 12. Do you like good food? 13. Do you like gardening? 14. Do you live in London? 15. Do you like flying? 16. Do you like talking? 17. Do you know how to read a map? 18. Do you like lying in the sun all day? 19. Do you like watching TV? 20. Do you like driving really fast?
CONSIGLI: a) Good for you! b) Get a job as a receptionist! c) Become a racing driver. d) Go and visit St Paul’s Cathedral. e) Go to the hairdressers! f) Put some gloves on! g) Go and buy some new plants! h) Go and work in a garage! i) Go to a nice restaurant! j) Buy a calculator! k) Give all your money away! l) Go on holiday to Spain! m) Phone somebody! n) Switch on the TV! o) Join a dating agency! p) Go on a confidence-building course. q) Get a job as a film reviewer. r) Buy a couple of CDs. s) Become an air hostess! t) Go on a walking holiday!