ESERCIZIO NUM: 456 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ****

Good Advice: abbina le domande (identificate dai numeri) ai consigli (identificati dalle lettere)(01):

DOMANDE: 1. Are you hungry? 2. Are you unhappy? 3. Are you bored? 4. Are you tired? 5. Are you in a hurry? 6. Are you feeling ill? 7. Are you lonely? 8. Are you thirsty? 9. Do you need some new shoes? 10. Do you need a new suit? 11. Do you feel stressed out? 12. Do you like boats? 13. Do you like trees and grass? 14. Do you like ill people? 15. Do you want to be a millionaire? 16. Do you want to be famous? 17. Do you want to be happy? 18. Do you like mountains? 19. Are you unfit? 20. Do you want to lose weight?
CONSIGLI: a) Go to the doctor’s! b) Have something to eat! c) Go and work in a hospital! d) Go for a ten mile run! e) Have something to drink! f) Go and buy some! g) Go to bed! h) Cheer up - it might never happen! i) Go and sit in a field! j) Go and get one! k) Make some friends! l) Go and do something! m) Go and buy a lottery ticket! n) Go on a sailing holiday! o) Stop eating chocolate and cakes! p) Start by making others happy. q) Slow down a bit! r) Get a part in a Hollywood blockbuster! s) Go to the Himalayas! t) Calm down!