ESERCIZIO NUM: 40 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > congiunzioni - DIFFICOLTA': ***

AND, BUT, OR, o SO? Inserisci la congiunzione giusta nelle seguenti frasi:

1) It is cold,_____ I wear my hat and my mitts. 2) I want cake, _____ I’m not allowed. 3) I would go, _____ it is too far. 4) I will finish my homework, ___ then I can play video games. 5) We washed the dishes, ______ we put them away. 6) I know Michael, ______ I don’t know his brother. 7) It will be sunny, ______ there will be no game. 8) I will read a book, _____ I’ll just watch TV. 9) The teacher is talking, _______ we need to listen. 10) John got dressed, ______ he forgot his socks!