ESERCIZIO NUM: 39 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > frasi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Ordina le parole nelle seguenti frasi:

1) dog catches stick the The. 2) cat to park the walked The. 3) a student chair sat The on. 4) The reads story teacher students the to a. 5) toys Please, away your put. 6) lamp on turned the Mom. 1) couch James sitting the on is. 2) Melanie more dessert wants. 3) children toys play with the The. 4) likes dog bone his The. 5) and Mark Josh to tv like watch. 6) everyday milk I glass drink a of. 1) under presents are tree the The. 2) stairs toys leave your Don’t the on. 3) more I for cereals milk need my. 4) lives city Jack in the. 5) writes teacher The board the on. 6) play park the in children The