ESERCIZIO NUM: 378 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > genitivo-sassone apostrofo - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Riscrivi le frasi usando il genitivo sassone al posto di OF(01):

1 The daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith and her husband live in Rome -- 2 The car of my parents is in the garage of Paul. -- 3 The birthday of my sons is on June 24th. -- 4 The shoes of Phil are on the shelf. -- 5 The old castle of the Backer is for rent. -- 6 The rucksacks of the students are in the school courtyard. -- 7 The blue jeans of those people are old. -- 8 Why are you riding the bike of your mother? -- 9 The children of Mr Wilson and Mr Jackson are in the park. -- 10 The gloves of Janet are in the wardrobe.