ESERCIZIO NUM: 338 - CATEGORIA: grammatica > preposizioni avverbi - DIFFICOLTA': ***

Preposizione e avverbi di stato in luogo, riempi gli spazi con AT oppure IN:

1 I don t know where dad is, I think he is still ... work. -- 2 There is a lot of traffic ... the city today. -- 3 Few people book ... the Hilton Hotel because it is too expensive. -- 4 l am not sure if Luca is ... Oxsford or London at present. -- 5 It is the last day of school: that is why there are so many children ... the school hall ready to go on vacation -- 6 The new information office is ... number 3, next to The Body Shpo. -- 7 There is someone is knocking ... the door! who can be? -- 8 Where is Cristhian? He is ... the courtyard (cortile) of the School.